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What Is A Bachelorette Party?

It is normal that when your best friend is going to get married that the duty of planning the bachelorette party will belong to you. It is sure that you will have doubts in accepting such a huge responsibility but don’t be afraid. There are a lot of tips in planning a party especially when it’s a bachelorette party. Whether the bride will want a night with all the girls in a bar and just have fun or having a relaxing day in a spa, these tips will be really important. You will certainly have the capability of planning a wonderful bachelorette party with the right help.

Number one is you really have to consult the bachelorette on what day she wants the party to be. The days before the wedding will be hectic for the bride to be that is why you have to consult with her about the bachelorette party date. You must always be flexible and offer her some options for the dates. You must always plan ahead, do no plan a night before the wedding because that will be disastrous. Even if the bachelorette party is about relaxing and not wild partying, the bride will always have some important things to attend to.

You must consult with the bride before you send the bachelorette invitations to all her girl friends. It is normal that the people that are invited in the bachelorette party are also going to be invited in the wedding day. Before you send the invitation you must really ask the bride because she might be thinking a different thing, maybe she will be limiting the guests. And when the list of guests has already been finalized and the date as well. Make sure to keep the party a secret from the rest. This is going to be really good for surprising your friend.

Summer is a great time to plan the bachelorette party for reasons that are so many to mention. A pool party is not so bad, actually it is a pretty good idea for a bachelorette party in the summer. Good party with good friends and with a pool to cool off. You can also have a trip to a day resort in the weekend.

Having a backyard grilling party for the bachelorette is also a good idea, as long as she loves meat and have good friends, that will be enough. It will just depend on how you decorate the place, you can put up some torches in the entrance and path way and you can also add some other related decorations.
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