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Is Massage And Yoga The Perfect Combination For Your Health? Yoga and massage can both help you have a healthy mind, spirit and body. There are a variety of yoga and massage exercises today. Each of these types has their own strengths. Power yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Hatha yoga, Bikram yoga, Kundalini yoga and Iyengar yoga are a few examples of yoga. While Kundalini yoga helps release the power in you, power yoga is a good workout, Iyengar yoga aligns your body well, and Bikram yoga allows easy movement and stretching. You are at liberty to always try several types of yoga when unsure about the one that best suits you. There are also many varieties of massages. You can choose aromatherapy, Swedish massage, trigger point massage or maternity massage if expectant. You can try out several though if you are unsure which one is most suitable. As an example, the maternity massage guarantees both comfort and good health of a pregnant lady and her unborn child. Both yoga and massage can offer three primary benefits. These are the improvement of your blood circulation, general flexibility and stress reduction. Massage boosts the natural lubricants in connective tissues whereas yoga improves your stretching ability. Both can lower your blood pressure, which is good for you health-wise. In addition, you can perform better both mentally and physically, experience more energy, and feel more relaxed.
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You may choose to combine these two exercises to improve your health. But how do you schedule for them? Which one comes before the other? Going to a massage spa before yoga helps stretch your muscles, and provides the warmth they may need when you maintain a single position during yoga. A massage also maintains your focus as you do yoga. If you choose to have a massage after yoga, you will have a great relaxing experience. In essence, it doesn’t really matter which one comes first so long as the order you choose works best.
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These exercise affect your health directly, so you must always consult a doctor before participating in any new activities. What kinds of exercises are best if you are pregnant? Are you suffering from an illness and you don’t know which exercises are best for you? This is where the doctor’s advice becomes necessary. If you experience dizziness during a yoga session or feel pain during a massage, you need to inform your instructor immediately. These exercises should be under the guidance of qualified and experienced yoga instructors or massage therapists. This will allow you to not worry much in case you are uncomfortable in the course of a session. Combining massage and yoga will undoubtedly give you a good night’s sleep, enhance flexibility, and generally lead to a healthy life.