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Parking Garage Construction: Factors to Consider

If you’re a property owner planning to build a new parking garage, you definitely understand that such an investment will be one of the costliest you’ll make for your property. Since the cost of building one is so high, you really cannot afford to make any mistakes or errors. Although you’re definitely putting a lot of attention to the square footage for parking every car you intend to accommodate, you must understand that there likewise are a few other factors to consider.

1 – Geographical consideration

The specific location of your parking garage is one of the initial things a contractor or builder will be asking you. The foremost reason why you need to figure this out first is because it has a profound effect in determining the cost of parking. Keep in mind that the cost of constructing something like that of a garage will be unique from one project to another since there are varying costs of labor as well as the availability of the materials.
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2 – Structural Considerations
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Moreover, the framing system you will choose will be another major factor in determining the cost of each parking space. Generally speaking, there are two types of layouts currently being used, namely the short-span and the long-span frame.

3 – Foundation

We discussed a while ago that the structural system is a very significant and major determining factor in determining the overall project cost. In relation to this, you must also understand that the foundation system is another very important factor to consider. For instance, if you want to build a garage on top of an area where the soil is in poor condition, it means you may have to spend more on having a deeper foundation system. Hence, should this be the kind of setting you’re looking at, it means you will need to spend more money on your parking garage construction project.

4 – Architectural Facade

Furthermore, you need to put serious weight on the appearance of the parking structure with reference to its surrounding area. This is very true if your specific objective in building a parking garage is to offer parking space for a fee. Simply put, the better the architectural look of the structure, the higher the cost of the parking space will be. But then again, you must understand that building a parking structure that looks nicer than others means you’re also going to spend more to build it.

5 – Number of Parking Levels

Lastly, if you’re considering multiple parking levels, you should talk to your building contractor about it. In this regard, the decision primarily lies on two options; first is a large footprint parking structure or a garage to be built in a taller structure but with a small footprint. Since the two options will have a lot of differences in terms of cost, you therefore must talk about it extensively with the company tasked to build it.