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The Connection between Hair Loss and Weight Loss The causes of hair reduction have something to do with weight loss. To answer that question, it is important for you to understand crash dieting. To lose weight is every people’s goal in life. To achieve this, a healthy diet is required but take note that its effect is not immediately observed, it takes time. A healthy diet also needs to be paired with exercise to burn more fats. Sometimes, people commit suicide by having a wrong way of crash dieting and this is a big no no. This is helpless because the weight you lost through that way will come back. In just a short period of time, your weight will reduce big amount of fats through crash dieting.
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Severely limiting food intake will probably result to extreme weight loss. In many instances, there may be important minerals and medicines are needed for good health such as weight. Niacin, biotin, B6, magnesium, sulfur and so much more are the vitamins and minerals are included in these deficiencies. Foods like vegetables and fruits contain those kinds of minerals and vitamins.
Where To Start with Health and More
Taking a physical exam will probably help you check whether you are getting the correct weight with your height. When you already get rid of the illness, you will be able to have a quality hair growth. Stress, trauma, heredity, illness and the like are the causes of hair. Also, medications have something to do with hair loss. Usually, a hair is being improved when it is recovered. It is advisable for you to stop your medication like chemo treatment for you to have a developed hair. The quality of your hair will not be the same anymore even if it comes back. Simple treatments like hairstyle changes, exercising, eating healthier is also included. Tropical treatments are dangerous because tropical treatment is directly applied to the scalp. To reduce the effects of stress that is causing your hair loss, you can take oral medications like anti-inflammatories and anti-depressants. To sum up, extreme weight loss also results to hair loss. Unhealthy weight loss and hair reduction are not really good for our own body and health. Our body will not function well if we do not have that proper nutrient that our body needs. Having a healthy body, condition, health, hair, skin and the like can be achieved through recovering. A wrong extreme weight loss is sometimes dangerous so you need to ask help from a doctor. Hair reduction and weight loss can be treated in many ways. Your doctor is capable of keeping you healthy and in bringing your health back.