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Benefits You Can Get From Circumcision

Below are some of the most vital benefits that men can experience from circumcision.

1. Men who have undergone a circumcision are about 5 times less susceptible to acquiring UTI or urinary tract infection. The number of boys who are circumcised who will develop UTI is just so small in contrast to those who are not. A lot of researchers have found out that severe urinary tract infection obtained during early age can most likely cause kidney problems in the later life.

2. Indications have showed that circumcised men are less likely to experience penile cancer, penile inflammation or any other STDs or sexually transmitted diseases. Keep in mind that by having education as well as safe sexual practices, you can prevent yourself from acquiring a sexually transmitted disease. And you can prevent yourself from experiencing any penile infection by means of having a good hygiene practice.

3. And men who had undergone a circumcision are free and can prevent themselves from having phimosis which is the tensing of the foreskin that could cause the opening of the male reproductive organ to close.

4. And the chances of having a prostate cancer by those men who were circumscribed are just so low. And there is already a support that foreskin infection can go up to the urethra which was said by a professor from an eminent cancer institute in London. And he also said that infections that are not cured right away could increase the cell division taking place in the prostate. And every division of the cell could cause damages to the DNA. And for a number of patients, the might even develop cancer.

5. In addition, surveys also presented that men who got circumcised are about three times less likely to carry HPV or human papilloma virus. And take into account that human papilloma virus is the causative agent of cervical cancer in women. In addition, studies had also reported a 58 percent decrease in the risk of cervical cancer among women whose partners were circumcised as stated by the professor from the cancer prevention at Harvard school of public health.

6. And those men who were circumcised enjoy a 60 percent decrease incidence of HIV. Is this really true? The reason behind this is that the foreskin has a huge number of target skills favorable for the development of HIV infection. And there is a high probability for the foreskin to tear off during a sexual intercourse. And the breaks present in the foreskin can serve as an entrance for the HIV. Hence, taking away the foreskin would also eliminate the gateway for HIV infection to develop.

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