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Bored of routines in your clinic and leisure timings in home ? Here by you may engage as a 24*7 medical practitioner from home without any private clinics and dispensary. Everybody hate advises but the advice of physicians fetches money . Everybody desire to advocate but only some of the advices are accepted by the society. Now on you may advice the whole society with your medical experiences. If you are in the clinic you may make advises for only ten to twenty persons on a day , but on writing the medical and health care articles your views would spread for the society with the help of web.


The online medical writing jobs are increasing worldwide by the websites  of freelancer, pharmiweb, indeed, healthcare writer hub, up work , content mart ,etc . Physicians hardly have jobs in hospitals for more than an hour and the remaining leisure time can be utilised for medical content writing. The practitioners who pursue their masters degree in specialisations may work for their income with their medical skills in the content mart website.

The content mart website is user friendly and responses to your queries within an hour . The content mart provides distinct streams you can work on and has niches like health and care , science , entertainment and lifestyle , kids and parenting etc . In generic women have shyness and they are delicate to discuss some topics concerned with their physic even to the doctors. But they can surf on the blogs to have knowledge on their physical problems. For these blogs you may write the health care articles and earn a lot as alternative income. The content mart website is the better choice if you select online writing as your profession .


The content mart provides free membership and takes up 10 % of the order as commission for the accepted articles.  To enter in to this career register as writer in the content mart website and pass the English test having three levels (Beginner ,Intermediate ,Advanced). Complete your profile with the qualifications and experiences in an attractive manner, as the clients would look at your profile for having knowledge about the skills acquired. Write three or more articles having 300words of various topics you fascinate in a catchy way and add them to portfolios. The clients glances your portfolios for the writing skills of their desired niche and expertise. As a physician you may pass the health and care , science which will be your trump card for the medical writer jobs . Select the orders you can complete within the deadline and if the price is affordable to you . Bid on the orders you can work upon and then complete offers. Maintain the ratings above four which gives a good impact for the clients to recruit you as a writer  for their articles. Boom as great medical , health care writer in the web with the help of content mart website!!!!…